Kapany Networks

"...we are here to be part of your team, because that's what Kapany is all about."

About Us

Whether you are trying to sell your network and data center infrastructure or source these infrastructure assets we are here to be part of your team and help you create win: win situations. We strive to make a big difference in your business. Whether it is financial or technical we are here to support you become more efficient and help you grow exponentially without breaking the bank.

Our expert members of the team have architectured and sourced multi-Tbps networks and GigaWatt datacenters globally in 75 countries last 5 years.


We are looking forward to help you save network and colocation spend.



Network and Datacenter Audit
Network Architecture
Network Planning

Strategic Sourcing as Service!

New market discovery
Strategic Advisory
Product development
Business Development


14271 Jeffrey Road #349

Irvine, CA 92620

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